Certificate Program

This program requires 40 weeks of training. This program is designed to have students demonstrate certain fundamental skills including pattern development, pattern making, and specific pattern pieces and clothing. This program is designed to provide comprehensive training in pattern development and specific clothing parts that lead to the final clothing piece. This program is specific to details and organization.

  • . Admission requirements, including minimum levels of prior education, preparation, or training

1) Completed application and submitted application fee
2) Two letters of recommendations
3) Recent photograph/Driver License/Passport
4) Be at least 18 years of age
5) Official High School transcript, a certified copy of a high school diploma or a certified copy of a GED certificate
6) Be physically capable of performing and receiving massage techniques taught in the program
7) Complete a personal interview with the administrative staff to assess academic and financial capabilities, as well as goals
8) Submit to a mandatory background check


Pattern Making & Assembling Technique



Knitwear Design



  • Program Duration: 38 weeks x 20 Hours a week
  • Lecture: 8 hrs a week
  • Lab: 12 hrs a week
  • Lead Instructor: Colette Eum
  • Quarter start: April, July and October, January.

Price: $6,995

Installment Plans Available

Fashion Designer Certificate Course

PATTERN MAKING for Fashion Designers. This is a beginner course on how to draft patterns, and some draping.
Students will learn the Principals of Pattern Drafting (Dart Manipulation, Added Fullness, Contour).
Students will learn Techniques such as Pivoting and Slash-and-Spread.
Students will learn to draft an A-Line Skirt.
Students will learn to draft a Yoke unto a skirt and Add Fullness to the skirt.
Students will learn how to draft Princess Stylelines/Seams. And Darts, Pleats, Tucks.
They will learn Grainlines and how to label Patterns. Including Notches and Seam


Course Development

An Overview of the Fashion Design Industry

Customer Motivations

Who’s Who (and Where) in Fashion Design

Fashion Seasons and Cycles

The Categories of Fashion

Producing Garments from Design through Execution

Developing Your Skills

Identifying Trends and Enhancing Your Creativity

Sketching by Hand versus Computer-Aided Design

Identifying and Acquiring Textile and Sewing Knowledge

Formal and Informal Ways to Hone Your Skills

Marketing Your Designs

Define Your Target Market and Leverage Your Unique Selling Point

Industry Tools for Fashion Design

Website, Catalogs and Other Marketing Tools

Advertising and Free Publicity

Private Clients, Boutiques, Department Stores or Online?

Three Types of Shows

Consignment, Payment, Returns, Sample Sales and Many Other Topics

Getting Hired as a Fashion Designer

Types of Employers and Responsibilities of Design Employees

Entry-Level Positions in Apparel and the Best Ways to Find Job Openings

Preparing Your Portfolio and Theme Boards

Powerful Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviews and References

Starting Your Own Fashion Design Business

Choosing a Niche

Your Business Plan

Start-Up Budgeting and Funding

Choosing a Name and Trademarking Your Label

Supplies and Equipment for Design and for Manufacture

Finding and Choosing Employees, Contractors and Manufacturers


Courses Operation

This Course is about using the techniques of pattern making, also known as pattern drafting, in fashion design, to create patterns that will then be used to cut fabric and ultimately be sewn into garments. Methods and techniques studied in major fashion universities are demonstrated in a clear and simple visual so that anyone interested in learning about fashion design can, and will learn the foundational principles of fashion design. New terminology is clearly explained and applied to the subject matter.

As a fashion designer, pattern making is essential in learning how garments are created and put together. A good fashion designer must learn pattern making in order to really understand the construction of his/her designs.

VIDEOS + DEMOS: In this course students will learn:

Basic Principles of pattern-making such as Dart Manipulation and Added Fullness and Contour.

Students will learn techniques such as Pivoting and Slash-and-Spread.

Where patterns come from: draping muslin bodice on dress form.

Drafting Princess Seams.

Drafting an A-Line skirt.

Drafting Skirt Yokes and adding fullness to skirt.

Grainlines and Pattern Labeling.

Trueing Darts.

Tools necessary for drafting patterns.