Tuition and Administration Fee

  Schedule of Fee & Make Payment
Here you can find a list of fees and make a payment. More information can be found below on alternative payment options including bank wire, in person or by mail. Contact WCU at (213) 293-1771 or email at if you have questions on making payments.


Tuition Fees

Tuition is billed at the time students register for course(s) for each term. WCU reserves the right to change tuition rates. Below are the current tuition rates. The total cost of attendance may vary depending on how many credits are transferred into the program at WCU and other factors that may apply.

Contact WCU today at (213) 293-1771 or email to discuss your estimated total costs, including possible transfer credits and payment options. Our admissions advisors are available to answer any questions you may have regarding WCU’s tuition.

NON-ELIGIBLE ASSISTANCE – A student who is not a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or other eligible non-citizen (status of refugee, asylum, humanitarian parole, Cuban-Haitian Entrant) are considered international students. Students who hold F1, F2, J1, J2, H1, H4, or G series visas are also considered international students. This student is not eligible for federal financial aid. Financial aid is defined as monetary aid funded by the United States Government to assist US Citizens and Permanent Residents with college costs. Those who are categorized under “Non-Eligible Assistance” will be charged the following tuition rates:
Undergraduate $2,100 per quarter
Graduate $1,200.00 per quarter
New tuition rates effective for all students starting Winter QT on Jan, 2021 and forward:
Undergraduate $175.00 per unit(Arts)                                                   $200.00(Science)

Graduate $150.00 per unit

*Tuition does not include the application fee, optional service fees, textbook prices, material fee, or other charges.




Certificate of Fashion Design



Bachelor of Business Administration



Bachelor of Science in Computer Science



Master of Arts in Religion



  Other Fees

  • Repeat Course Fee ($25)
  • Parking Fee (Free or $1 for each 30 min)
  • I-20 Reinstatement fee ($400)
  • Transfer Credit Evaluation fee ($25)
  • Authentication / Apostille ($50)
  • Diploma Duplicate ($50)
  • Enrollment Verification fee ($25)
  • I-20 Renewal fee ($20)
  • I-20 Travel Endorse ($20)
  • Certificate Endorse  ($25)
  • Certificate of Completion($25)
  • OPT Processing fee ($150)
  • Student ID Card ($10)
  • Official Transcript ($35)
  • USCIS Request for Evidence ($300) 
  • USCIS Reinstatement ($1000)
  • Graduation Petition fee ($25)
  • Graduation Photo fee ($25)
  • Diploma Frame 8.5 / 11 ($90)
  • Diploma Frame 11 / 14 ($100)

Admissions Fees

  • Application for Administration fee ($200)
  • I-20 Processing fee($200)

Late / Penalty Fees

  • Returned Check ($35)
  • Late Registration #1 ($20)
  • Late Registration #2 ($50)
  • Late Registration #3 ($100)
  • Late Tuition / Incomplete ($20)

Examination fee

  • CELP Test Writing ($50)
  • TOEFL ITP ($50)

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