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Commencement Ceremony


Often referred to as “Graduation”, the Commencement Ceremony is just that, a ceremony. It is an end-of-spring term celebration for WCU alumnus and students who have completed their program. Students who are projected to successfully complete all of their graduation requirements by the end of the upcoming Summer term may also participate if they are on track to graduation and have fulfilled their academic and financial obligations. .

Commencement is coordinated by the Office of Student Services, Media Team. There is only one Commencement Ceremony that takes place in the summer term each year to celebrate graduation from the previous Spring or upcoming Fall term.

You will not receive a diploma at the Commencement Ceremony. Confirmation of degree completion will not take place until official grades are posted. It is highly recommended that you meet with your academic advisor prior to your last term at WCU in order to review your records and ensure all graduation requirements will be met.

Alumni Association

Western Covenant University Alumni

Alumni Association

The mission of the Alumni Association of WCU is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the University and its alumni … to perpetuate a sense of pride in and commitment to the outstanding qualities of the University and the education it provides, and to promote, in partnership, a positive image of the University and its alumni through communication, service and leadership.


The WCU Alumni Association believes that its responsibility is to work with the entire campus community and alumni to cultivate a sense of loyalty among all alumni towards Alma Mater. An WCU education involves a life-long process of learning, teaching, leading, and serving to advance the University. With each passing year the diversity of students, alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, and friends of the University increases. We therefore, believe it is important for all members of the University Alumni Association to focus attention on the following four value statements.

We value the relationship that all Alumni have with the University.
We value the service that Alumni provide to the campus community and their local communities on behalf of the University.
We value the philanthropy that Alumni contribute to the University.
We value the heritage of our University and hope that all Alumni strive to learn from the past as we focus on the future.

Alumni Association Member

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Optional Practical Training

Western Covenant University

Apply for OPT(Optional Practical Training)

If you’re interested in applying for Optional Practical Training (OPT) to have post-graduation work authorization, please read the section titled How to Apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT)” on our F-1 Services page under F-1 Employment Authorization & Internships (CPT/OPT).


Graduation/OPT Workshops 2020

Graduate Information

Western Covenant University

Graduation Package

Graduation from WCU is a significant accomplishment and tells a great deal about your dedication and willingness to finish what you started. Challenging oneself to earn a degree in any of WCU’s programs is exciting and will always bring a strong sense of pride.


A student is awarded a degree when s/he:

  • Applies for graduation and a formal graduation evaluation is conducted.
  • Successfully completes all academic requirements in your program of study.
  • Has an overall grade point average of 2.0 at the undergraduate level and 3.0 at the graduate level.
  • Satisfies all financial obligations.
  • It is encouraged that you complete the End of Program survey so that we gain your feedback on how we can improve your program.

The Graduation Package includes:

  • Degree
  • Padded degree cover
  • Statement of Completion (SOC)
  • Transcripts

Allow 4-6 weeks to receive your Graduation Package; international students please allow up to 8 weeks.

Graduation Petition

In order to graduate students must fill out a Graduation Petition Form and pay the graduation fee before the deadline. Learn more by visiting this webpage: