The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration  program are a four-year degree which is a broad program designed to give the student in-depth academic training in the liberal arts. Since the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration programs provide a broad education with a focus on a special area of interest, the student graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree should have a general knowledge or acquaintance with the basic disciplines of learning. This forms the foundation upon which the student begins to build competence in the special field of professional education they have chosen.  The curriculum is designed to encourage social adaptation and integration of the student into western culture through course offerings reflecting the historical and theological foundations of the Christian faith. The student is taught the basics of Christian spirituality and practice through classroom experiences and chapel services. Through the integration of general and biblical studies, the contribution of other disciplines is incorporated.

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Full Time
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Part Time
Bachelor Degree5107.515

Bachelor’s degree Outcomes:

Upon completion of a bachelor’s degree, students will:

  1. Manifest a life-style based on Christian principles.
  2. Demonstrate necessary communication skills relevant for Christian ministry in a contemporary society.
  3. Minister effectively in a contemporary society and to the worldwide Christian community.

WCU offers a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Business Administration. Faculty members direct the academic programs in their respective fields.

Basic Course Requirements: The B.A. in Business Administration requires either 180 hours of course work, comprised of 56 hours of general education and 124 hours of professional studies.

General Education Outcomes:

Upon completion of the general education courses a student will:

  1. Understand key concepts in a variety of general education disciplines in relation to a Christian worldview.
  2. Be familiar with major historical world movements and their impact on humanity.
  3. Understand the world through the knowledge of major concepts of geology, astronomy, meteorology, and biology.
  4. Be functional in the use of a computer in personal and professional settings.


                Business Administration

                This degree is designed to provide students with business courses so that students learn basic business concepts and principles, taking the challenges, concerns, and responsibilities that they will experience in the business world. WCU’s institutional objectives include educational programs and curriculums that are biblically based, academically strong, and practical for real-world career opportunities. This includes the study of biblical foundation, business management, accounting, marketing, sports management, and legal administration. The principles, concepts, and skills necessary for successful administration and management in organizational business are provided. It will enable the student to acquire the management knowledge and skills, communication knowledge, and practical skills essential for a global operation today. Students will have opportunities finding employment in the world of business, commerce, government, and technology at the entry, intermediate levels, or even positions of greater responsibility.

Learning Outcomes for the Business Administration

Upon completing this degree, students will:

  1. Demonstrate a biblical and ethical knowledge of business administration.
  2. Be able to effectively communicate in a team environment.
  3. Be able to articulate administration and management strategies.
  4. Demonstrate the knowledge of accounting and finance.
  5. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills to do e-commerce.
  6. Articulate the knowledge of how to manage a business organization.

Learning Objectives for the Business Administration

At the end of the courses, students will

  1. effectively communicate ideas in writing and public speaking
  2. ensure research capabilities are sharpened for business needs
  3. plan successful business strategies to advance organizational goals
  4. demonstrate business administration theories and concepts
  5. application of research for real-world decision making
  6. incorporation of theoretical frameworks into strategic plans

General Education: 56 Credit Hours

Required: 48 Credit Hours


GC 140 Research and Writing (4 units)

Social Sciences

GS 150 Introduction to Leadership (4 units)

GS 172 Introduction to US Law and Government (4 units)

GS 260 Introduction to Business (4 units)

GS 499 Senior Integrative Seminar (4 units)

Arts and Humanities

GS 110 Introduction to Psychology (4 units)

GH 250   Christian Ethics (4 units)

GH 260 World History (4 units)

Natural Sciences/ Computer

GN 120  Earth Science (4 units)

GM 170   Introduction to Computers (4 units)


BS 200 Introduction to Bible (4 units)

TH 101 Introduction to Christianity (4 units)

Electives: 8 Credit Hours

Professional Studies: 124 Credit Hours

Required: 72 Credit Hours

BA 100 Introduction to e- Commerce (4 units)

BA 120 Introduction to Business Administration (4 units)

BA 130 Financial Accounting I (4 units)

BA 131 Financial Accounting II (4 units)

BA 220 Managerial Accounting (4 units)

BA 240 Principles of Microeconomics (4 units)

BA 250 Principles of Macroeconomics (4 units)

BA 310 Financial Management (4 units)

BA 350 E-Commerce Marketing (4 units)

BA 351 Principles of Marketing (4 units)

BA 251 Business Law I (4 units)

BA 371 Business Law II (4 units)

BA 330 Organizational Management (4 units)

BA 340 Personal Management (4 units)

BA 380 Intermediate Accounting I (4 units)

BA 430 Money and Banking (4 units)

BA 431 Auditing I (4 units)

BA 440 Income Tax Accounting I (4 units)

Electives: 52 Credit Hours (select eighteen from below lists)

BA 381 Intermediate Accounting II (4 units)

BA 390 Advanced Accounting (4 units)

BA 432 Auditing II (4 units)

BA 441 Income Tax Accounting II (4 units)

BA 450 Government and Nonprofit Accounting (4 units)

BA 351 Consumer Behavior (4 units)

BA 360 Strategic Management (4 units)

BA 370 Production & Operations Management (4 units)

BA 352 Labor Relations (4 units)

BA 341 Human Resources Management (4 units)

BA 401 Advertising and Professional Selling (4 units)

BA 451 Corporate Governance (4 units)

BA 460 Information Technology in Business (4 units)

BA 461 Government Regulations in Business (4 units)

BA 470 International Business Management (4 units)

BA 471 International Trade and Commerce (4 units)

TOTAL UNITS…………………………………………… 180