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Student Dormitories(JeJu Campus Only)

Residential life is an integral part of the Western Covenant University in JeJu Teaching Site experience with around half of all international students living on teaching site during their studies here. We hope that our dormitories provide a sense of the distinctive experience you will have studying here. In total, we have 49 dormitories all located at and near JeJu Teaching Site. Most house students in single rooms. However, we do offer accommodation for married couples and families. Some dormitories are single-sex with International Students, and others are purely for international students. Each dormitory room comes equipped with fresh bedding and linen, as well as high speed internet access.

Dormitory Contact  :  or  82-07-7569-1392,82-064-772-1999

JeJu Island in S. Korea

WCU Jeju Campus offers housing to domestic and international students who wish to enjoy convenient on-campus accommodations. Professional on-site faculty and staff provide a safe and nurturing environment.

The Western Covenant University JeJu Teaching Site residence program offers a unique opportunity for American and international students to interact, and  students place a high value on friendships with international and English-speaking peers.

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JeJu Campus


New residents for the Summer 2022 Quarter due to COVID 19.

05/07/21 update:

We will have reduced capacity for the 2022 Summer Quarter due to COVID-19. We will begin to look at Payment Plan Worksheets on Monday, Sep. 21, 2022 to begin to fill the spots for the 2021 Summer  Quarter. We will only be processing applications for Full Year contracts (Fall 2022 and Summer 2023


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