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Western Covenant University mission is to provide a positive learning and social environment where students, faculty, staff, and alumni can come together to build a campus community of collaboration, prepare students professionally and promote ethical business practices according to Christian principles.We affirm our mission to educate men and women for ministry and other forms of religious leadership and to be a center and resource for Christian thought in an interfaith and pluralistic context. We affirm our ecumenical and Christian heritage and commitment as an open and affirming community that honors diversity and presses toward racial, gender, and economic justice. We seek to embody these values and disciplines in our programs and our common life.

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Latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

COVID-19 Advisory for Summer QT 2022 - In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Summer QT classes will consist of Hybrid lectures. Any office visitation will use physical distancing, personal protective equipment, and sanitation procedures to provide the safest learning environments possible. Western Covenant University remains closed to non-essential activities to protect the instructional environment for its students. General campus visitors are not permitted at this time..

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Main Campus Relocation !

Campus moving this July for Summer QT 2022!

New address : 3333 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 700, Los Angeles, CA 90010!

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Accredit Programs

Master Degree

The M.A. programs require a minimum of 96 credit hours, and and are normally completed in three years (MA) of full-time study, however, take up to six (6) years of part-time study.

Master Degree

Bachelor Degree

The B.A programs require a minimum of 145 credit hours, and and are normally completed in four years (BA) of full-time study, however, take up to six (8) years of part-time study.

Bachelor Degree

Certificate of Achievement in Pattern Making and Sewing Program

This program is designed to have students demonstrate certain fundamental skills including pattern development, pattern making, and specific pattern pieces and clothing. This program is designed to provide comprehensive training in pattern development and specific clothing parts that lead to the final clothing piece.


August 5, 2020

Pattern Making !!

WCU’s Pattern making is a dynamic curriculum that teaches people of all age groups the technical ability to interpret and produce the various designs. Students are taught […]
August 5, 2020

Cyber Security

1. Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH) Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)To stop a hacker, you must be able to think like one. It’s an interesting balance between toeing the […]
August 5, 2020

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Admissions Process Classroom-Hybrid, and F-1 applicants applying to an academic program must go through the University’s Admissions process. WCU knows that the application and admission process […]

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